Audition Coaching

"Meryl is a treasure to our craft of acting. Her insight helped me choose material that showed my work in a more authentic way, and she empowered me to play to my strengths as an actor. I felt energized after working with her."
-Joe Lucas

Life Coaching

"Meryl's use of Positive Psychology to identify my core strengths has lead to a better life for me. Trusting my own compass led me to Meryl, and I am truly grateful. What an amazing journey."
-Sara Hauter

Audition/Life Combination Coaching

“Not only is there specific, detailed, and encouraging feedback about the work, Meryl provides life coaching which helps you evaluate:  the scope of your daily time and where and how to fit in the passions of performance  and rehersals and study into busy lives.  I could not recommend anyone more than Meryl Shaw. She helps explore what can be difficult and vulnerable areas in a supportive, practical, and sometimes joyous atmosphere.
-Merle Nadlin 

Audition/Life Combination Group Coaching

"You have hit the ball out of the ballpark with this class. It is so stimulating and energizing. What a clever girl you are to combine your two areas of expertise to create this unique class. I think when the word gets around about what you're doing you'll be the acting "it" girl of the 21st century. This is just such fun and so creatively invigorating. I love observing the other students as they work. And, of course, as usual, your comments give the actor so much with which to work."
Barbara Ann Cecchitti