BOOK THAT JOB: Advanced Audition Technique Intensive

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BOOK THAT JOB: Advanced Audition Technique Intensive

 *All classes take place from 6pm to 10pm at the Aurora Theater

Schedule and brief description of classes:

 Monday, July 17

  • Audition techniques for preparing sides.
  • Mock cold readings 

Monday, July 31

  • Mock prepared audition.
  • Callback prep 

Monday, August 7

  • Callbacks
  • Panel discussion with guest casting directors

     Hear what former students have to say:

"I took Lauren and Meryl's class shortly after relocating to the Bay Area. I had old audition material and little knowledge of the theater scene here. Not only did Lauren and Meryl find me excellent monologues, but they gave me the tools I needed to succeed in my auditions. Both have extensive knowledge of the theatter and audition world.  I'm very grateful to the two of them, and I know that I would not have made the same progress I've made today if it weren't for their class!"
- Emily Radosevich

“Working with them is a communion of actor and casting director, a true dialogue working towards getting that actor work  Taking Lauren and Meryl’s audition prep workshop gave me so much more than just new monologues.  The feedback from the 2 of them as well as the guest casting directors they brought in,  gave me the confidence and tools to start firing on all pistons with my career.  Since that workshop, I have produced 2 productions I have acted in, been cast in a LORT theatre production and started writing my own solo show. Not to mention more callbacks. I now walk into the audition room ready to show the CD who I really am as an actor and person and engage with them as another person trying to make theatre.”
- Laura Jane Bailey


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